Washington, D.C.—Tonight, Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12) issued the following statement after President Barack Obama addressed both Houses of Congress during the State of the Union at the U.S. Capitol:

“Tonight, President Obama had a golden opportunity to deliver a bold message of leadership that would help us move past the partisan gridlock in Washington.  Instead, he doubled down on the same big government agenda rejected by the American people last November.

In my short time in Congress, I have already worked with Republicans and Democrats to approve bipartisan legislation that will help the American people get back to work and stimulate the economy.  Unfortunately, the President is already saying he will veto these bills and is leaving no room for compromise.

Instead of his solution of higher taxes and more regulation, we need to work together to get things done and grow the economy from the bottom up—creating new, good-paying jobs.  We can’t get there with an agenda that puts the burden on the backs of America’s taxpayers.”