Washington, D.C. — Today, Rep. Mike Bost (IL-12) sent a letter to President Obama urging an immediate stop to the flow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States until there is an upgraded system in place to verify the background of the refugees and provide absolute certainty that no individual with sympathies to ISIS is allowed into the U.S. 


“As we continue to pray for the people of Paris, we’re provided a sobering reminder that our own homeland is not immune from this type of evil,” said Rep. Bost.  “The United States has a long, proud history of being a nation of immigrants, and my heart hurts for the innocent Syrian and Iraqi civilians seeking refuge.  However, our first and foremost priority must be protecting the American people.  Until I am convinced that we have taken every single step necessary to keep our families safe, I will continue to oppose the admission of refugees into our cities.”


Rep. Bost also co-sponsored the Support the Refugee Oversight and Security Act, which will require both House and Senate approval before any refugees are admitted to the United States.  In addition, Rep. Bost voted for a bipartisan House Resolution condemning the terrorist attacks in Paris.