Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Mike Bost issued the following statement on President Obama’s FY2016 Budget:


“In November, the American people sent a clear message they wanted Congress to stop the out-of-control spending in Washington and work toward a balanced budget.  But that’s the last thing the President’s budget proposal accomplishes.   Instead, it’s more of the same tax and spend policies that have crippled the middle class.


“Today, Americans are making less and paying more as a result of this administration’s failed economic policies.  The government has continued to get bigger and more powerful while working American families find it harder to make ends meet.   We need a responsible budget that puts hardworking Americans first and stops feeding an already bloated federal government.


“President Obama’s Groundhog Day budget promises more of the same failed tax and spend policies that have produced few jobs but lots of debt.  Frankly, I’d rather take another six weeks of winter.”