Rep. Bost Votes to Rein in IRS and Repeal Death Tax

On Tax Day, Rep. Bost Supports “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”


Washington, D.C. — Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12) voted for several bills to cut down on burdensome federal regulations on small businesses and to give taxpayers a “Bill of Rights” in dealing with the IRS.


“As a small business owner myself, I’ve seen firsthand how the overreach of the IRS and high taxes can take the incentive and lifeblood out of job creators who want nothing more than to expand operations and hire new employees,” said Rep. Bost.  “We’re punishing our businesses and discouraging investment, and it needs to stop now.” 


“That being said, there may be no more insidious tax on hardworking Americans than the ‘Death Tax.’  After folks work a lifetime to provide for their family, the last thing the federal government should be worried about is taking a cut out of the money they leave to their children and grandchildren when they pass away.  We need to bury the Death Tax, permanently.”


Rep. Bost co-sponsored three bills that passed the House including:


  • The Taxpayer Bill of Rights Act of 2015 (H.R. 1058).  This establishes a strong set a basic rights for taxpayers when dealing with the IRS including the right to quality service, the right to confidentiality, and the right to appeal and have their challenge be heard.

  • The Fair Treatment for all Gifts Act (H.R. 1104).  This prevents the abuse of power by the IRS of applying a “gift tax” to donations to nonprofit organizations. 

  • The Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 (H.R. 1105). This bill will permanently repeal the federal estate tax and generation skipping tax.