CAIRO — During a visit to Cairo on Tuesday, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said that in his career as a physician, he often took on “very, very difficult cases” including people others had deemed too far gone to save. Through creative approaches, rare procedures, “and by the grace of God,” he sometimes was able to save their lives, he said.

Rep. Mike Bost said in a news release he was invited by Carson to the public forum and that the visit was an important step in saving Cairo.“I appreciate Secretary Carson accepting our invitation to visit Cairo,” Bost said in the news release. “These were tough conversations, but it was important that federal housing officials be able to put a face to these stories of struggle. That’s why I knew there was no substitute for having the secretary on the ground with us in Cairo. I am hopeful that this continued dialogue will spur new solutions to save Cairo and help these families transition to safer and more stable living conditions.”