O’FALLON, IL - Illinois Congressman Representative Mike Bost led a town hall discussion in O'Fallon, Illinois Tuesday night addressing what he calls a growing nationwide problem: Human Trafficking.

"It's our job- my staff's job as well as mine to deliver that message so that as these pieces of language move forward, that either amendments or other parts are done correctly so that they have the best tools that are available- that law enforcement and others doing their job have the best tools available" Bost said.

Bost was joined by his legislative director, a member of the FBI, local trafficking advocates and a survivor of child trafficking.  Patricia McKnight shared what she thinks may be a common sign that something isn't right.

"As I grew up, my only value was in my sexual identity. So, if kids are showing earlier signs of inappropriate sexual knowledge versus age, something's going on, somebody's showing them, somebody's telling them.  It's a great sign that something else is going on" she said. ?