Thanks to Congressman Mike Bost for meeting with us and three other constituents last week. We had requested the meeting to thank him for his support last year of the Global Food Security Act and to express our hope that he would protect and improve programs for poor and hungry people, both here and abroad.

The current House budget proposal would drastically cut programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, and refundable tax credits. These programs provide basic assistance to individuals and families working to get back on their feet. Likewise, the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) nutrition program helps keep hunger at bay for millions of children living at risk of hunger. The proposed cuts and structural changes that shift the cost of domestic safety-net programs to states threaten the ability of these programs to help everyone who is eligible. Congressman Bost did not commit to protecting these vital programs, but we thank him for meeting with us.

Regarding international programs that end hunger and poverty, we urged Congressman Bost to continue Congress’ commitment to international assistance programs. At less than one percent of the federal budget, foreign assistance is some of the most impactful money we spend. Congressman Bost said he would look into the contention we share with the American Enterprise Institute that American tax dollars could be used more efficiently by not requiring all American food aid to be produced in the U.S. and shipped on American flagged ships.