I’ve read the letters criticizing Congressman Mike Bost for not holding more town hall meetings, but opting for tele-town halls, which by the way, in his last call, reached 85,000 constituents. Liberal activists appear outraged that they can’t yell and scream at him while waving mostly professionally made signs over the proposed Obamacare health care replacement bill. My research showed that in 2009 Congressman Jerry Costello opted to suspend town hall meetings, as did Sen. Richard Durbin. According to reports, he was being lambasted as well and felt it was more effective to reach out to the 12th District constituents in other ways. As a Republican, I can attest that Congressman Costello was an effective congressman and like Congressman Bost, did not need to be yelled and screamed at. There are plenty of effective and reasonable ways to communicate your opinion. Blocking office entrances and disrupting field operations isn’t the way to convince others of your viewpoint. Also, I’ve found Congressman Bost’s constituent services excellent, especially in the areas of veteran’s assistance, issues concerning our riverways and re-energizing our Illinois coal industry. Please note that I was not asked to write this letter by any official.