Washington, D.C. – President Trump today signed into law legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which included two provisions sponsored by Rep. Mike Bost (IL-12) focused on Buy America domestic procurement requirements and inspiring young people for careers in aviation.

“I was proud today that President Trump signed into law legislation reauthorizing and reforming the FAA, which includes legislation I sponsored promoting ‘Buy America’ requirements to finance our country’s infrastructure projects,” said Bost. “This legislation is essential to America’s infrastructure and the next generation of America’s aviators. A provision that I cosponsored requires the FAA to develop a 'Youth in Aviation' task force, giving the tools and resources the next generation needs to succeed.”

Bost’s first provision requires the FAA to publish waivers it issues to Buy America domestic procurement requirements and provides an opportunity for public input. Buy America generally requires the use of domestically-produced steel and other manufactured goods in federally-financed infrastructure projects. The second is a provision Bost co-sponsored requiring the FAA to engage public and private industry stakeholders, including colleges and universities, in developing a “Youth in Aviation” task force. The purpose of this task force is to address a potential aviation industry workforce shortage by inspiring grade school students to pursue.