WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Mike Bost voted today against legislation that would provide a special pathway to citizenship for those who immigrated to America illegally. The House Democrats’ plan, called the American Dream and Promise Act, would offer no provisions for additional border enforcement and cost taxpayers an estimated $34.6 billion.

“Plain and simple, Nancy Pelosi’s immigration plan rewards people for breaking our laws,” said Bost. “It puts those who come here illegally ahead of those who respect our immigration process. I believe we have a humanitarian and national security crisis on our border, and I’ve voted twice to fix it. Unfortunately, this bill fails to fix the problem, leaves our border unsecured, and costs the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in the process.  We must do better.”

Despite passing the House with overwhelming Democrat support, H.R. 6 is expected to face strong opposition in the U.S. Senate.