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Over the last part of April Congressman Mike Bost is hosting an Infrastructure listening tour around district 12.

Congressman Bost wants to take an assessment of the priorities and needs as Congress prepares to create a federal transportation infrastructure bill.

Congressman Bost stopped by Benton Tuesday morning for his infrastructure listening tour.

He surveying what local leaders need and want not only repair and maintain the district but also to attract new business.

Bost wants to make sure that if the transportation infrastructure bills passes it will be used on infrastructure and…

“That southern Illinois and Illinois as a whole gets its fair share of those products of that expansion of HI ways, bridges and repair.”

Recently the 400,000 square foot factory formally owned by Bombardier recently sold to Mincon, a manufacturer of hard rock drilling tools from Ireland.

Franklin County is wanting to add an interstate interchange to connect the industrial park directly to the interstate and redirect heavy traffic.

Mike Jones with Mincon says the facility could produce new products that are currently made in other countries, which will add to the traffic.

“North America is one of the largest users of our product, so bringing the manufacturing of the product from overseas to here as well will open up more doors not having to pay cost of freighting stuff back and forth.”

Which is something Congressman Bost is observing for when Congress is working on the transportation infrastructure bill.

“That type of investment is beneficial for our region, for job expansion, and safety"