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PINCKNEYVILLE (WSIL) -- Congressman Mike Bost paid a visit to Pickneyville High School to talk about politics. He started with his humble beginnings and why he ran for public office.

"My family owned a trucking business in Murphysboro and I was born and raised around that trucking business," he said.

He then opened the floor to questions from students, who didn't hold back. They asked about his stance on marijuana and the impeachment trial of President Trump.

"Matter of fact the two charges that are out there, actually aren't real charges at all," he said.

The juniors in Pinckneyville said they enjoyed the presentation.

"I thought that he did a great job, I feel like learned a lot and it'll help me whenever I go up to Springfield for youth and government," said junior Cheyenne Lynch.

Bost closed his presentation by reflecting on the laws he helped pass, including tax reform.

"And what's really funny is the people that didn't want it done said, 'oh it's gonna hurt the middle income.' No actually the middle income benefited the most," he said.

And he gave suggestions to students who are interested in politics.

"First off, be involved in government. Second read our government and understand it," he said.

Bost said doing presentations like these helps him understand how the community feels about different issues.