WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) recently introduced H.R. 8506, the Toxic Exposure in the American Military (TEAM) Act to improve access to care and benefits for veterans who were exposed to toxic substances in the military. The bill will allow them to enroll in the VA healthcare system, create a process for the VA to establish a presumption of service connection for benefits, and advance scientific research into the effects of toxic exposure.


“Our nation’s veterans shouldn’t be met with a wall of bureaucratic red tape when they seek medical care for injuries sustained during their service,” said Bost. “While symptoms of burn pit exposure may lay dormant years after a veteran returns home, we still have a duty to ensure they receive the highest quality care and benefits. This vitally important legislation will allow these veterans to access the care and benefits they need as well as advance scientific research so that we can better understand the impact on future generations of servicemembers who may have been exposed to these toxic chemicals. This legislation also creates a pathway for the Department to follow in the future when the Secretary must decide whether to create a presumption for compensation benefits, so that Congress and the VA can act swiftly and get veterans what they deserve.”


For more information about the Toxic Exposure in the American Military (TEAM) Act, click here. Senator Thom Tillis also introduced a companion bill in the Senate, S. 4393.