CARBONDALE, IL– U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12), the Farmer Veteran Coalition of Illinois, the Illinois Farm Bureau, and Illinois AgrAbility today announced a partnership to provide job opportunities for Illinois veterans. Farm Corps will pair furloughed or unemployed veterans with agricultural producers who have an immediate need for on-the-farm labor.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a number of problems for producers across my district, including a shortage of on-the-farm labor,” said Bost. “COVID-19 has also caused many veterans to be furloughed because of businesses being shuttered. Not only will Farm Corps provide jobs for Illinois veterans, but it will also help fill the need for on-the-farm labor so that Illinois farmers can continue their important job of feeding our nation during this pandemic. I’m proud to have worked with our public and private partners to get this program off the ground for both our veterans and agricultural producers.”

“Labor is a continual need for agriculture,”
said Raghela Scavuzzo, Associate Director of Food Systems Development at the Illinois Farm Bureau. “At this time, as farms work to keep employees safe, the demand is greater than ever. The Farm Corps program serves dual roles by allowing farms to post positions and hopefully identify workers and connect veterans and servicemen that are furloughed with agriculture. We feel this program could be of great assistance to our state and are excited to assist.”

“The primary mission for Farmer Veteran Coalition of Illinois is to connect our veterans with agriculture,”
said Caynan Sherwood, President of Farmer Veteran Coalition of Illinois. “We believe Farm Corps is a huge opportunity. This is one step closer to assist veterans in agriculture. Our role is to support servicemen and women and agriculture. We are proud to host this database on our website.”

Farm Corps is also supported by the Illinois Pork Producers, Illinois Specialty Growers Association, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the Illinois Department of Employment Services, and the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs.

To learn more about the partnership, submit a work opportunity, or see job postings, click here.