WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) tonight highlighted the real world struggles of small businesses unable to hire enough workers because the federal government is often paying them more in unemployment benefits. In a speech on the House floor, Bost shared the stories of Belleville Boot Company, Kreative Kids Learning Center in Alton, Mary Lou’s Grill in Carbondale, and Broadway Grille in Sparta, all of which have seen hiring dry up despite widespread job availability.


“Many small business owners across America are struggling to reopen and rebuild after the COVID-19 shutdowns,” said Bost. “They simply can’t find the workers to fill their job openings. Why? Because the federal government is disincentivizing people from finding work. Many people are making more money off unemployment insurance than they would if they went back to work. And that is having a crippling impact on Main Streets across America. People in Washington, D.C. need to hear these stories.”


Click below to watch Bost’s full remarks on the House floor tonight.


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