WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) today voted against legislation that would stop states from imposing limitations on abortion services. The legislation passed the House with only Democrat support, but it is not expected to receive the 60 votes necessary for approval in the Senate.


“My grandson, Stanley, was born with Down Syndrome; but his life is no less precious or God-given than the lives of my 10 other grandchildren,” said Rep. Bost. “However, if House Democrats get their way, state legislatures could do nothing to stop the abortions of unborn children with developmental disabilities. They could do nothing to ensure that parents are involved in the decision-making process when their young daughter finds out she’s pregnant. And they could do nothing to protect the religious and conscience rights of medical professionals who don’t want to perform abortion services. This is, quite literally, a matter of life and death; and I will always work to protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us.”