Washington, D.C. —Rep. Mike Bost (IL-12) announced today his intention to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement if it comes before the House for a vote later this year.   


“I believe in free trade, but it must be fair trade,” said Bost.  “Sadly, Southern Illinois has been a case study in the negative impact of unbalanced trade on U.S. manufacturing jobs.  That’s why I successfully fought to strengthen anti-dumping laws in last year’s Trade Promotion Authority package and voted to ensure TPP would be opened to the public for review in the light of day. 


“Having carefully weighed the pros and cons of this trade agreement, I believe it’s in the best interests of my district to oppose it.  We must continue to work to open new markets to our farmers and manufacturers, but it needs to be on an even playing field that has titled against American workers for too long.”