Washington, D.C.—Tuesday night, the House of Representatives passed an amendment by Rep. Mike Bost that secured additional Impact Aid Program funding for the Mascoutah School District.  The amendment helps address the district’s loss of eligibility for heavily impacted aid, a program that funds schools on federal property with large numbers of military children.

“Scott Air Force Base is home to thousands of servicemembers and their families,” said Bost.  “Due to the fact that these communities are located on federal property and unable to collect property taxes and other revenue, Impact Aid helps fill the gap.  When I learned that Mascoutah would no longer be eligible for this critical federal funding, I committed to securing a short-term fix until we can find a long-term solution.  In addition, I am going to seek answers regarding why the school district wasn’t informed earlier so it could make adjustments to protect this funding.”

 “We truly appreciate the attention Rep. Bost gave to our unique problem,” said Craig Fiegel, Superintendent of the Mascoutah School District 19.  “This has been a tedious process, putting together language to address a very complicated issue.  We appreciate his tenacity and responsiveness to our needs.  I know it’s been a long process.  We’re been really impressed with the help and all the efforts Rep. Bost and his staff provided on our behalf.”

Impact Aid compensates local schools for "substantial and continuing financial burden" resulting from federal activities, such as educating children of military service members.  The federal government provides compensation because local governments are unable to collect property or other taxes from residents.  Mascoutah was recently informed by the United States Department of Education that it was losing eligibility for heavily impacted aid, despite the fact that more than 50 percent of students are connected to Scott Air Force Base.