WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) today introduced the Fighting Trade Cheats Act, legislation to hold China and other bad actors accountable for unfair trade practices that destroy American jobs. Bost’s bill takes aim at companies dumping foreign-made goods in U.S. markets by allowing U.S. manufacturers to sue foreign producers for customs fraud.

“The Chinese Communist Party has a long history of violating our trade agreements and stealing our jobs,” said Bost. “We are sharpening the teeth of America’s trade remedy laws and ensuring our manufacturers have the tools to fight back directly against trade cheats. This is America First legislation that puts foreign fraudsters on notice that there will be serious consequences for breaking our trade laws and hurting American workers.”

“Trade cheaters cost American jobs, plain and simple. This bill will give Customs and Border Protection and businesses the tools they need to stop the lawless foreign importers from evading U.S. laws and destroying American industries and communities,” said James Proctor II, Senior Vice President, Legal and External Affairs & General Counsel for McWane, Inc., whose Manchester Tank subsidiary includes a company with a facility producing propane tanks and cylinders in Quincy. “We thank Congressman Bost for standing up for American workers and businesses and helping put a stop to such illegal activity.”

The Fighting Trade Cheats Act will provide necessary updates to America’s existing trade laws and the penalties in place for violating them. The legislation more than doubles the penalties currently in place, providing a serious deterrent for bad actors looking to undermine American manufacturers. It also includes a new five-year prohibition on importing products from known violators.