WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) today released the following statement regarding the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan:

“Make no mistake about it, President Biden’s failed leadership caused the disaster we are witnessing in Afghanistan right now. His decision to leave without even a basic awareness of what would happen next has put lives at risk, emboldened terrorists, and weakened America’s standing on the global stage. And through it all, Biden has remained silent, hidden away at Camp David until finally agreeing to address the American people this afternoon.

“Biden has thrown 20 years of American service members’ blood, sweat, and sacrifice down the drain. He has condemned allied Afghan soldiers, interpreters, and journalists to certain death. He has abandoned the women and girls whose rights and lives are at stake under Taliban control. And he has severed a vital intelligence network that helped prevent attacks in the region and here at home. We all want American troops home safely as quickly as possible; but this clueless, bungled withdrawal will have devastating consequences for years to come.

“Tracy and I are praying for safety of those left behind, the troops that are being deployed, the women and girls who will now face hardships under Taliban rule, and our nation as a whole.”