WASHINGTON – In response to concerns regarding the way in which Illinois’ per capita allotment of Medicaid funds would be calculated under the American Health Care Act, Republican Members of the Illinois Congressional Delegation released the following statement:  

“Today our delegation received assurances from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Director Seema Verma that the State of Illinois will have the opportunity to accurately report its 2016 Medicaid payment information to CMS. This information is critical to ensuring our state receives the correct per-capita allotment of federal funds.

“Illinois has long been disadvantaged by below average Medicaid reimbursements. Moving forward, our delegation is committed to working with the Trump Administration, state leaders, hospitals and providers to better calculate the federal funding our state receives.” 

A letter from CMS Director Seema Verma assuring the state’s pathway to submit relevant 2016 payment information can be found HERE.