Washington, D.C.—Today, Rep. Mike Bost authored a letter for public comment to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Kansas City District office concerning their recommendation that the new NGA West facility be constructed in North St. Louis.  Bost highlighted security and environmental issues with the proposed site and questioned the accuracy of data in the Corps’ report, which improperly included findings tied to St. Clair counties in Missouri and Michigan.


“I am deeply concerned with the flawed findings that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued as justification for the North St. Louis site,” said Bost.  “The report’s factual errors, blatant omissions, and underestimated risks are nothing short of egregious.  It is clear that the Corps did not adequately and objectively weigh all of the data before making its recommendation, a decision that will have profound consequences for national security and the proper investment of taxpayer dollars.  I am compelled to continue fighting this wrongheaded decision during the public comment period and beyond.” 


Bost detailed a litany of concerns with the Corp’s report on the North St. Louis site, including: 

  • utilizing data that is geographically inaccurate to disqualify the St. Clair County site;

  • failing to meet all but the bare minimum of security standards for perimeter standoff distances at the North St. Louis site;

  • neglecting to fully study alleged contamination issues from Cold War-era chemical testing at North St. Louis’ old Pruitt-Igoe housing complex; and

  • brushing aside objective cost projections that indicate the St. Clair County site is the more cost effective option.

To read the entire letter submitted by Rep. Bost, click here.