Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12) issued the following statement after voting to continue funding the Department of Homeland Security:


“The people of Southern Illinois sent me to Congress to cut through the partisanship and get things done.  There is no issue where this responsibility weighs heavier than on issues of national security.  As House Republicans continue to fight to secure our borders, I simply could not support a funding shutdown for the very department that’s charged with keeping us safe. 


“My vote for a fully-funded Department of Homeland Security is in no way an endorsement of this President’s failed and unconstitutional action on illegal immigration.  I am closely watching the federal court decision after an injunction was issued on the President’s executive amnesty orders.


“This first court ruling on restraining the President’s quest for unrestrained power is a significant victory for those of us who believe in the limits of government power under the Constitution.   Up until this point, we have not had a single court decision on the President’s executive overreach. Now a Federal Court has issued an injunction, blocking the President’s executive amnesty.”