Washington, DC - U.S. Rep. Mike Bost voted for a measure in the House Wednesday night to ensure all federal workers are paid during the partial government shutdown (Motion to Recommit H.R. 648).  Speaker Pelosi urged her members to vote against the measure, resulting in only 10 House Democrats voting in support.

“It’s despicable that federal employees are being used as bargaining chips during negotiations to end the government shutdown and secure the border,” said Bost. “That’s why I voted to ensure all federal workers receive pay during the lapse in funding. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi urged her members to vote against this measure, which ultimately failed in the House. This is not a game. Everyday lives are being affected here.”

Representative Bost has twice voted to fund the government and fund the president’s request for additional physical barriers along the southern border:

Representative Bost has voted three times to provide backpay to federal employees affected by the shutdown.  The majority has voted 3 times against these measures and has moved no legislation to provide pay to federal employees during the shutdown: